I'm just coming back from three hiking days in the Monte Rosa area. These are my pictures.
The Monte Rosa massif, flanked by glaciers, is the highest mountain in the Swiss Alps. Depending on the method of counting, it has ten peaks higher than 4,000 m, and lies partly in Italy. The Dufourspitze (4,634 m) in the Monte Rosa massif is Switzerland’s highest peak.
The Gorner Glacier, which is the third longest of the Alps, offers magnificent views of the nearby 4000-meter peaks. A lake and unusual ice formations also attract attention. Pebbles and boulders of the centre moraine are in the middle of the glacier, which continues to fracture due to small streams as well as rocks warmed up by the sun. They burrow further and further into the ice and leave small lakes behind.
The Monte Rosa Hut, a model in terms of energy and resource efficiency. This innovative building is reminiscent of a mountain crystal, thanks to its special shape and silvery aluminum shell. But not only is the form innovative – completely novel paths were taken in technical building services and energy management, too.
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